ELENI teaches group workshops as well as private lessons based on her practice BodySong.

Currently teaching through Zoom

Open to all levels and ages

BodySong is a practice that helps explore vocal improvisation while paying attention to the body and our movement, how the habits we have with it can effect the music we are making. Shedding light on how our senses can lead the way in contrast to how we often search for the music to come from the mind. 


Singer, musician and composer Eleni ARapoglou believes practicing our listening skills and reflecting on when to give, what to give, and how much to the music. It’s about practicing this inner filter we all have, learning to trust it, think and feel it but most importantly embody it. So that we can hear the music from the inside.

The beauty of how many things are possible when we keep the door completely open and just learn to be comfortable in the uncertainty is a useful tool whether we are interpreting a song or composing our own!

We also work on texture, tone, rhythm, listening and studying music from different cultures and genres. Embodying and vocalizing our imagination to create music in the moment!